Designer Information

There have been 1000′s of Costume Jewellery Designers over the last 100 years – here are just a few.

Many Designers from the 1920′s through to the 1960′s, apart from the top Jewellery House’s, didn’t always mark their jewellery. Many designers produced jewellery for various houses, these sometimes took on the House name or were unmarked.

These designers each had a particular style, theme and production processes that were unique to them, therefore many pieces can be attributed to these original designers although they may have no mark or name of the ‘House’ i.e. Juliana jewellery was designed for various houses – one of those being Sara Coventry.

A great site to refer to is where you will see alphabetically thousands of designers jewellery marks and the date when these were used. I don’t plan to replicate this information, but just to mention a few of my favourites.


Emmons Jewellery was founded by Charles H. Stuart as Emmons Jewellers, Inc. ~ 1949- 1981 -Like Sarah Coventry, this jewellery was sold at home parties. These parties had become very popular beginning in the 1950s. Acting as a distributor, Emmons soon became one of...

emmons jewellery


Erwin Pearl made his name a brand for jewellery of lasting beauty. He has made and loved jewellery for over 50 years. Every single piece of Erwin Pearl jewellery is produced from a design he has has made, or held in his hands, tested for drape over his arm, held up...


Florenza Jewellery was initially designed by Daniel Kasoff whose original name was Kosovsky. Kasoff was known for decorative desk accessories, necklaces, bracelets, charms, etc. First used the hallmark Feb 1956. Florenza designed specific lines for Capri and ART....

Florenza Jewellery


Hollycraft Jewellery was founded by Joseph Chorbajian and others as the Hollywood Jewellery Manufacturing Co. Inc. ~ New York, NY ~ 1938 to about 1971. Hollycraft jewellery has its own look. It is well made and very “rich” looking and ladylike. The stones are most...

hollycraft jewellery


Hobe Jewellery was founded by Jacques Hobé – Paris, France ~1887 * William Hobé – United States ~1927- 1995. William immigrated to the United States and found work selling theatrical costumes in the early 1920s. Soon he was producing costumes and costume jewellery...

Hobe Jewellery


Jewelcraft was a logo and name used by Coro from 1920 – 1950′s, Jewelcraft was produced by a company in England. Please refer to CJC below for more in depth information. Coro were prolific manufacturers and you will often get the same designed pieces with different...

Jewelcraft Jewellery


Joseph and his brother Louis, founded Mazer Brothers in New York in the 1920s - Jomaz/Mazer Brothers jewellery. The Jomaz/Mazer brothers produced elegant jewellery with high quality, and with special order stones. In 1946 Joseph left and formed Joseph J. Mazer...

Jomaz/Mazer brother butterfly jewellery


Judy Lee is the trademark belonging to the Blanch-Ette Company, founded in the late 1950s. Sold through party plan. Popular in the 1950's and 1970's Judy Lee jewellery is usually marked 'Judy-Lee'. The 1950's jewellery is mostly of floral design and Victorian in...

Judy Lee Jewellery


Juliana Jewellery was founded by William DeLizza and Harold Elster ~ 1947 New York – William’s son’s Frank and Anthony joined the company soon after its inception. In the 1960s the company began to produce the costume jewellery that so many have come to know and...

juliana jewellery


Vintage Lisner Jewellery pieces have become collectible over the last 25 years. In the 1990s, collectors realized that the clever shapes and bright colours of the company’s cheaply made plastic leaves and baubles possessed a unique beauty. Currently, one of the...

lisner jewellery