Weiss Jewellery offered high quality costumer jewellery with excellent Austrian Rhinestones of exceptional quality and clarity. The Company was founded in New York City in 1942 by a former Coro employee, Albert Weiss. The company flourished during the 1950′s and 1960′s period.

The jewellery has somewhat traditional designs, including floral and figural jewellery. Also desirable is Weiss “black diamond” jewellery replicating the German smoky quartz, set in typical Weiss designs. Weiss jewellery, is comparable to Eisenberg and Bogoff jewellery. Without a doubt, the company manufactured some of the most beautiful jewellery and appealing rhinestone jewellery of the post WWII era. In the mid 1950′s, an expandable rhinestone bracelet by Weiss sold for $10 to $15.00. The Jewellery prices are rapidly rising. It is usually marked with the company name however they also marked their jewellery A.W. Co. with the large central letter W in the shape of a crown. After Albert’s retirement, his son Michael Weiss assumed the leadership of the company, but the firm ceased operations in the early 1970′s.