Vendome Jewellery was established as a subsidiary of Coro…however it was the SUPERIOR line of jewellery as you will see as you become familiar with their pieces.

The mark was used as early as 1944 on charm bracelets and faux pearl jewellery, but the jewellery line which began in the 1950′s did not become popular until the early 1960′s, largely due to beautiful designs introduced by Helen Marion, their principal designer.

Basically, Vendome replaced Corocraft which up to that time marked the higher quality jewellery made by Coro.

The jewellery used the best of imported rhinestones. The clarity and brilliance of the stones and top quality metalwork combined in artistically expressive designs were the main factors behind the jewellery’s success. The jewellery is highly collectible and should continue to RISE in price.