Marvella is the trademark initially used by Weinrich Brothers Company, founded about 1911 in Philadelphia. The Post WWII jewellery consists primarily of simulated pearls, and plain and faceted bead jewellery.
In the mid-1950’s, the earrings sold for $10.00, single strand necklaces for about $15.00 and multi-strand necklaces for $20 to $30. Marvella also offered simulated pearl jewellery set with quality goldstone findings and settings.
Marvella was purchased by Trifari in 1982 which itself became a subsidiary of Crystal Brands Jewellery Group in 1988. Marvella used many different trademarks, most of which include the company name or Marvell in a longer name such as Marvellesque, Marvellette and Marvellier.