Eisenberg Jewellery

Eisenberg Jewellery was founded by Jonas Eisenberg, Chicago IL, USA ~ 1914 – Present -Jonas Eisenberg was originally from Austria. He went to the United States in the late 1880s and soon opened a women’s clothing firm. In 1914 Jonas’s sons took over the clothing business. Prior to 1927, the fashions were not created by the Eisenberg Company, rather the designs were “jobbed” out to others.

In 1927 the company began to not only design, but also manufacture the clothing. Eisenberg Original was born. Like many others, Eisenberg complimented his fashions with beautiful accessories. The accessories, brooches early on, were made by other companies. They were crafted with the best Swarovski rhinestones and soon became much noticed! The son’s noticed also, and during the 1930s, production and marketing of Eisenberg jewellery began in earnest.

Early on the jewellery was not signed as it was only meant to compliment the clothing. Also the early costume jewellery produced by the company for sale was marketed separately from the clothing. In the late 1930s this all changed. The jewellery of these years was marked Eisenberg Original.

In the early to mid-1940s the jewellery was marketed under the name Eisenberg Ice which became the official trademark of the company. During WWII, Eisenberg jewellery was produced in sterling silver. Several marks were used and some are listed or shown below.

In the 1970s the Eisenberg Company produced a line of enamel jewellery designed by well-known artists of the time. Eisenberg jewellery, especially the older pieces are sought out by collectors and rightfully command high prices. Signature Designs/Techniques: The best of the best in terms of quality and sparkle. Pavé set ribbon or icing.

Eisenberg Original (squiggly letters) — used circa 1935-1945

Eisenberg Original plus the mark sterling — used around 1943-1948

E [script mark] — used circa 1942-1945

E. [block print mark] — c.1942-1945 (may have been used later than 1945 if space for mark was limited). Used again during the 1970s on the enamel “Artist Series” pieces.

Eisenberg [in block letters] without © — used from c. 1945-1958

No mark — during the 1958-1970 period the jewellery was sometimes not marked.

Eisenberg Ice [block letters] with © — used from 1970 to the present. The company still produces new and re- issued jewellery.