1930s Jakob Bengel Brickwork Necklace – SOLD

1930s Jakob Bengel Brickwork Necklace – SOLD

Jakob Bengel 1930s burnt orange cold painted enamel brickwork Necklace.  Bengel was famous for his chain linking designs this being one of the more complicated manufacturing feats.  It is referred to as maerwerk (masonry) brickwork design, you will see many pictures of this design in either of the two Jakob Bengel books. Please see other Jakob Bengel pieces I currently have on the website. Please email me if you would like to see other items I have of Jakob Bengel stock.

They can be found in many colour ways, red, light and dark green, light and dark blue, orange, black with the rarer more unusual colours being lime green, burnt orange and yellow. Very often they have black with another colour to enhance the pattern.

The brickwork pattern comes in 2 styles one where the ‘brick’ is curved and more rounded and this one where the brickwork panel is flat. You will notice in many of these designs that the panels aren’t all the same size. This created curves, corners and graduated shapes.

Often the paint is either missing completely or has started to chip but this is an excellent example.  This is another item from a collection I have bought from a collector and hasn’t been worn in the 50 years that she has had it.

Bengel pieces aren’t signed, sometimes they may have a mark on the clasp ring which reads – Guaranteed or Gesch but that is as much as I’ve ever seen. I believe they did have swing tags, hence they were removed before wearing.

Size: Necklace is 16 1/2″ long but could be extended by attaching more rings 

Condition: Excellent Antique

Date: 1930s

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1930s Jakob Bengel Brickwork Necklace – SOLD

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