Antique Saphiret Brooch


Antique Saphiret Brooch

This beautiful Antique Saphiret brooch is from the Edwardian period 1900-1910.  Beautiful facetted stones surrounded with crystal paste stones and a central stone.

Saphiret stones are highly collected by jewellery enthusiasts, it is a rare type of glass that was produced in the town of Gablonz, Czechoslovakia in the early part of the 20th century.

Saphiret glass is instantly recognisable by the distinctive colour tones that are created by fusing gold with a sapphire coloured blue glass. The technique creates a beautiful fusion of colours in varying brown and blue tones. One of the main reasons saphiret is so desirable to collectors today is the limited amount in circulation due to the increased cost of producing this stone due to the high cost of gold.

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Antique Saphiret Brooch

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