Vintage Mahjong Bakelite Bracelet


Vintage Mahjong Bakelite Bracelet

Amber Bakelite Mahjong tile, elasticated to form a bracelet, from the 1930s – 1950s, probably American. Each tile has a letter ‘N’ on it in different colours and also a black Chinese engraved character.  The early Chinese mahjong sets were made in Bakelite, this changed many years ago to plastic as we now know it.

The stretch elastic has been renewed to ensure wearability. In between each tile is a brown bakelite bead.

Size: The un stretched inner size is 2″ diameter, but will stretch to fit over any hand size.

Condition: Excellent Vintage 

Age: 1930s -1950s

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Vintage Mahjong Bakelite Bracelet

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