Vintage Bridal Headdress


Vintage Bridal Headdress

This Vintage Bridal Headdress has been recently handmade using vintage items, 1940s Vintage brooches and 1940s pearls. If you are having a Vintage Wedding then this is perfect, if you are not but want a unique quality headdress then this is the one for you.

There are flower brooches of crystals with separate wired on vintage pearls and glass seed beads around the wire of the band. The pearls are from Vintage 1940s pearl necklaces.

It has been created so that some of the pearl and crystal flowers will move i.e.  ‘tremble’ when the wearer moves which catches the light and sparkle.

It is a beautiful unique one off piece as each piece used in the headdress is a vintage item.

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Bridal Vintage Wedding/Ball Headdress

Bridal Vintage Wedding/Ball Headdress

Vintage Bridal Wedding or Ball Headdress

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