Georgian Amethyst Silver Earrings


Georgian Amethyst Silver Earrings

Absolutely fabulous Georgian Amethyst Silver Earrings with hinged hook fittings . Made with paste stones that are set in a collar setting with closed backs. The Amethyst stone is also set in a collar setting but is open at the back as the stone is quite deep and stands proud of the setting. The paste stones are white and the Amethyst is a pinky mauve.

The hinged hooks maybe a replacement, one has a hallmark but it is too small to identify.

These wouldn’t look out of place in a ‘Downton Abbey’ setting. The photos don’t capture the sparkle that these have.

Condition: Excellent Antique

Size:  1 1/2″  from the bottom of the hook  –  2″ from the top of the hook

Date: Late Georgian 1830s

Vintage box not included but earrings will be in a gift box.

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Georgian Amethyst Silver Earrings

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