Vintage 1920s Millefiori Flapper Necklace


Vintage 1920s Millefiori Flapper Necklace

A fabulous delicate 1920s Millefiori Flapper beaded necklace with a millefiori large bead pendant.  All original, the necklace is made up of fine seed beads in different colours which are ‘woven’ together. The necklace is in unbelievable condition, there is one piece of thread which is hanging out (see images).  There doesn’t seem to be any beads missing, so I think it is an end thread that needs to be re threaded through.

The large pendant bead has lovely lipstick red star bursts and blue and white surrounding lines. This is an extremely beautiful example of a 1920s beadwork necklace.  I wouldn’t recommend that it should be worn because of the delicate nature that the thread may be in.  This is really for a collector.  

Size: 24″  – 48″ end to end.  Centre pendant bead is 1 3/4″ long – 1 1/4″ at the widest point

Condition: Excellent Antique

Date: 1920s

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1920s Millefiori Flapper Necklace

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