1940s Millefiori Fringe Necklace

1940s Millefiori Fringe Necklace

1940s Millefiori Fringe Necklace with foil beads. This necklace certainly has the WOW factor. Quite an assortment of beads and colours through this necklace. There are deep cornflower and darker blue millefiori lava beads, iridescence lime green and blue small foils and 2 rows of lapis blue beads. They are on a copper coloured chain and then the ‘fringe’ beads hang off that in two different combinations creating the ‘fringe’ effect.

The closure is a hook through a round ring. The beads look to be in good condition, I think i am right in saying that these beads are referred to as lava beads as they have the blue glass swirled on but leaving patches where the gold foil shines through, which looks like hot lava rock.

Size: 20 1/2″ end to end.  Depth of necklace is 2″

Condition: Excellent Antique

Date: 1940s

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1940s Millefiori Fringe Necklace

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