Jewelcraft 1950s Earrings – SOLD

Jewelcraft 1950s Earrings

Jewelcraft 1950s Emerald glass and paste clip on earrings. A very classic expensive style of earrings with square cut emerald green stones and clear paste. They are set in a light coloured gold plated metal, with ridges to the outside, although these have an Art Deco style to them they were produced in the 1940s/1950s.

You will also find similar earrings with the Marcel Boucher /Christian Dior name on them.  They also produced matching brooches and fur clips in a range of glass coloured stones i.e. sapphires and rubies.

See also a similar fur clip here under brooches:

Condition: Excellent Vintage

Size 3/4″ diameter.

Date: 1940s-50s

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Jewelcraft 1950s Emerald square cut stone earrings

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