Hi, I’m Margaret Macon; known to everybody as Mags. I have been a lover of Vintage Costume Jewellery for more than 35 years and started to collect Art Deco & Vintage costume jewellery in the 1980s.

I have a passion for the Art Deco period and have a room at home dedicated to the 1920s. I continue to collect Art Deco jewellery but I favour wearing vintage costume jewellery from the 1950s now, as it tends to be bolder, glitzy and colourful.

1950s costume jewellery designers especially the Americans created large intricate colourful shapes. I get great pleasure searching around to find another piece to make up a set i.e. the earrings, necklace, bracelet or brooch. The complete ‘ensemble’ or parure/demi parure is always my dream and goal for myself as well as for stock.

Over the years my vintage collection and stock has grown to an enormous size, so I grabbed the opportunity to finish work in April 2012 and set up my new business selling on a full time basis at various Antique Fairs & Events around the UK. I constantly was asked ‘do I have a website’ so, here we are, after 100′s of hours of hard work, ‘Jewels Past’ website.

I will always be pleased to discuss your requirements or a particular piece of vintage costume jewellery that you have found on the website. As with all Antique Dealers I’m not adverse to ‘bartering’, if you would like to make a reasonable offer for an item do not hesitate to email me at mags@jewelspast.com

Finding Service

If you can’t find a particular design/make/style of vintage costume jewellery on the website , please contact me as my stock is extensive with only a small portion displayed. If you would like me to look for a particular make, piece, style etc. please contact me with your requirements and when I find it I will contact you.
It will always be a pleasure to see you at one of the events that I am attending, check out the dates via the Events tab, and don’t be shy please introduce yourself to me, it will be great to meet you.

I hope you enjoy looking at the vintage costume jewellery  that ranges through the eras from Victorian right up to the 1980s and that you get as much pleasure from it as I did finding these fabulous gems.

Don’t forget check out the website as much as possible I will be loading new finds weekly and check out the events and come along and see lots more goodies.

Ciao for now – Mags