Sarah Coventry

The Emmons Co. was incorporated in Feb. 1949 and then Sarah Coventry came into being 8 months later in Newark N.Y. It was only sold at home parties—mostly in the 50′s and is now collectible and getting scarce.

Sarah Coventry had a Lifetime Guarantee…the cards stated “may be sent back for repair to: P.O. Box 7899, Warwick, RI 02887. Please include handling charge of $1.50.” I’m not sure if this is still being honoured. Sarah Coventry discontinued operations and home parties in 1984. The better sets and pieces are expected to rise in price and every collector should have a few pieces of Sarah Coventry in their collection.

Sarah Coventry MARKS:

“Coventry” and “Sarah Coventry” – First used 1949

“SC” – First used 1950

“Sarah” – First used 1951

“Sarah Cov” – First used 1953