Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet 1960s-1970s


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Sterling silver charm bracelet

Vintage Sterling Silver charm bracelet 1960s-1970s . This style of bracelet became very fashionable in the 1950s, when people started to travel and have holidays in and around UK.  Seaside and country destinations would have a jewellers selling an array of silver and gold charms.  Everywhere you went you would see ladies purchasing a new charm to put onto the link chain bracelet.  Young girls were bought a chain link bracelet by parents and grandparents and then bought  a charm as a gift for birthdays and Christmases – and so the jewellery collecting bug began!!!! Of course the more charms you had on a bracelet the more traveled you were.

Our modern version of this is the Pandora silver and glass charms.

This bracelet has 20 charms, is approximately 17.5cms long and weighs