Victorian/ Edwardian Cut steel & Bakelite Buckle



Cut Steel Buckle, Victorian, Edwardian, – Bakelite/Catalin. This is just a lovely tactile antique piece.

The celluloid/catalin/bakelite is very thick and strong and has been designed to look like tortoise shell. There is a cut steel design applied to the round concave Bakelite/celluloid discs that make up the buckle. Riveted to the rear are the hook fitment and the bars for the fabric to be sewn to.

Interesting design almost medieval. to the front all in excellent vintage condition.  Really rare I have never seen anything like this is over 25 years.

Could be re worked into 2 necklaces using celluloid chain or Bakelite beads, without changing the original intention.

Size: each part of the buckle is 2″ approx diameter making an overall 4″ total width.